How I Can Help You 

I work with parents who are separating (or separated) and offer help in a number of ways: 

Supporting You 

Walking alongside you in your journey, I act as a warm, empathetic and experienced thinking partner; a professional supporter who will work with you while you make sense of your situation and plan how best to move forward. Together, we can consider in an informed and reflective way what you would like your next steps to be. 

Assisting You To Gather Information 

To partner with you while you identify what information you need to gather in order to make informed decisions about your separation and future, which can be an overwhelming step in itself. I will complement and support the work of your family lawyer and any other professionals who may be supporting you. 

By Acting As A Polite & Neutral Challenger 

By giving you the encouragement, permission and space to take a much-needed mindful pause so that you may reflect on how you would like to separate. 
If you didn’t choose the separation, it doesn’t stop you choosing your response and role in the process of the separation itself. If you did choose to separate, to have the confidence to own it, understand the different speeds at which each family member may be moving and how each family member can be best supported towards a healthy and child-centred next life chapter. 

Help You To Focus On What Children Need 

Work with you while you identify what you need to adjust well and what your children need to thrive. 
For example: 
Investing time to really consider what the characteristics of a romantic relationship are as compared to a parenting relationship. 
Considering what values and boundaries you want to have in your parenting relationship and how can you Create a parenting partnership with your former partner that is realistic and largely respectful, tolerant and constructive for your children. 

Get In Touch 

Contact Claire to book a confidential conversation. 
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