Working With Me 

l am an accredited divorce coach and an associate member of the Association for Coaching.  
Having worked as a specialist family solicitor for a national law firm since 2004, as well as continuing to work part time as a family mediator and parenting coordinator, I have considerable experience of the many diverse and overwhelming challenges each member of a family can encounter when a relationship ends. 

Actively Listen & Understand 

Over many years, I worked primarily with families going through high conflict child court proceedings, witnessing the high emotional and financial cost they can entail. When safety requires it, court proceedings are essential. On many occasions, however, the core issue is actually one of unresolved conflict, which may be made worse by the additional barriers created between parents within child court proceedings. 
I work really hard to listen actively and understand your position and concerns. We then partner together while you develop your thoughts, plans and ideas, with the aim of supporting you to move forward constructively. I am not afraid to ask challenging questions that will encourage you to think about things from different perspectives and to support you to make decisions that are informed and grounded in logic. 

Voluntary Lawyers Charter 

I understand the research available about the effects of adverse childhood experiences on children and in particular chronic inter-parental conflict. I am very proud of the Voluntary Lawyers Charter I created in 2021, supported by The Family Solutions Group and featured on their website. 
The Charter encourages family lawyers and the parents they are helping to approach separation in a child-first way, with an emphasis on working towards a cooperative parenting relationship from the outset. You can read more about it here: 

Let's Work Together 

Overall, I consider myself approachable, empathetic and outcomes focused. If you would like to discuss your situation, please book a free 30-minute discovery call with me in order to explore where you are and whether you think we could work together in a way that could be supportive for you. 

Child Law Anorak & Blog 

Although I no longer work as a child law solicitor or professional support lawyer, I continue to follow the child law case reports to keep up a good knowledge of what is happening in the child law world. This includes what the court is saying about arrangements for children following their parents’ separation, the family court's approach to domestic abuse, parental alienation and other situations that affect parents when they separate. The court reports offers a helpful insight into how families are changing, how the courts approach decision-making, and that in turn informs the family law professionals who support families to guide and support them. 
This blog looks at the English and Welsh courts’ judgments from a very practical point of view, pointing out what might help us all as professionals or parents navigating separation with children. 

Get In Touch 

Contact Claire to book a confidential conversation. 
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