Separation Counselling
A dedicated, supportive, empathetic, collaborative and practical coaching service. 

Healthy Separation Coaching 

A dedicated, supportive, empathetic, collaborative and practical coaching service for parents who are separating. 
A warm welcome to Healthy Separation Coaching, a personalised service offering you specialist support during your separation and as you work towards creating a co-operative post-separation parenting relationship. 
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Ongoing Support 

Typically, I work with parents who are striving to balance the wide-ranging challenges of a separation whilst maintaining support for their children. Having a supportive and dedicated coach to partner with you through these challenges can help the whole family towards healthy adjustments. 

Moving Yourself Forward 

Separation is tough going whether you agreed together to separate, decided to leave the relationship or are the one playing catch-up. However you got here, the prospect of moving yourself forward in a managed way may understandably feel overwhelming – I can support you so that you’re not navigating your separation journey alone. 
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How Can Coaching Help? 

A coaching space enables you to carve out some supported, dedicated and purposeful time to reflect on: 
What has been happening 
How you are feeling 
Where you plan to get to 
This can help you ensure you’re not left with the sense that the process of separation and your next steps ‘happened to you’, but rather that you ‘mindfully managed’ them. 
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How Planning Can Help 

As with any major life transition, creating space to consciously consider and plan can make a significantly positive difference to the experience and overall outcome. Planning can: 
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Improve the experience of separation 
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Improve life after separation for your child or children 
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Help improve all areas of your future 
By pausing to ‘put your own safety mask on first’, you can ensure you’re in the best headspace to make reflective decisions and to support your children through their own individual transitions. 
how it works

How It Works & Charges 

Separation is a process that takes time. There’s a great deal to think about and consider. For this reason, I invite clients to book in blocks of four sessions. 
I charge £60 per 1-hour session for a block of four and typically we’ll meet weekly or once every two weeks. You can book repeat blocks if you consider it helpful to do so – please book a free 30-minute discovery session to explore how we might work together. 

Get In Touch 

Contact Claire to book a confidential conversation. 
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